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10 Questions To Ask Before You Decide On Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant

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Meeting on Digital Marketing
Meeting on Digital Marketing

Every business needs growth during this pandemic period and to achieve that MSME businesses need to set a goal. Once the goal has been set, every business should keep a check on their quarterly and yearly results and if they don’t get it then they should hire a digital marketing expert who can make your business grow by making effective use of the digital media as now it is time to make a presence on the online platforms.

Before hiring a Digital Marketing expert for your business, there are few questions you should discuss with the Digital marketer and know how it will help your business to grow.

1) Business Goal:

First thing you need to do is discuss the goal that you have set for your business with the Digital marketing expert. After that, understand how the digital marketing expert will help you achieve your business goal by asking them below mentioned questions:

  • How to achieve business growth and goals for the next 3-6 months?
  • What is the road map to achieve the target?
  • How many goals have you achieved in your past work?

These questions are meant for your business growth because you can never achieve your goals by doing business without a target.

2) Digital Marketing Certification (Google, Amazon, Shopify, SEMrush):

As the digital marketer has to make use of the tools and apps of the tech giants like Google and Amazon and also have the knowledge of how the different digital platforms work, the expert should have the digital marketing certification. So to get the assurance

try to check whether the digital marketing person has google, Amazon, Shopify & SEMrush certificates.

3) Portfolio:

It is very important to know the past work of the digital marketing person. Ask the digital marketer for his portfolio showcasing the past work and check which sector he has worked for in the past.

Also, to understand more about the digital marketer’s expertise you can ask few of the questions mentioned below to the digital marketing person:

  • What is the strength of this digital marketer?
  • Which one among the digital platforms does the digital marketer have its expertise or strength?

4) Sales Insights:

For every business, it is always important to increase the sales of their products\services. Therefore, the most important thing to discuss with the digital marketer are mentioned below:

  • What are the sales Insights?
  • What should be the content for product listing?
  • What should be the content for the service page?
  • How many visitors will interact with your business’s products & services?

5) Resource:

It is always important to know what will bring visitors and customers on the website of your business. So, to know that understand from your digital marketer regarding the following questions:

  • What will be the main resources to generate traffic on your website?
  • What are the main resources of your website traffic? 
  • How to get leads for future business?
  • What will be the landing page of your business’s website?

6) Usage of Tool:

To understand the digital marketer’s knowledge regarding the use of the tool for doing digital marketing you need to ask the questions suggested below:

  • Which premium tool is used for digital marketing?
  • What is the information of each tool? / What is each tool used for?
  • Are Paid tools accurate?

7) Creativity in Content Making:

As we all know that the content is the king to attract more and more visitors on the website and also to increase their interactions and engagement. Content marketing is the future and for a business to grow on digital platforms, content is everything. So, it is very necessary to create content rich in keywords that helps to fetch more and more visitors on your business’s website. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the digital marketing person the question listed below:

  • What type of content should we use for product and service?
  • Do you have any demo of content marketing?

8)After consultation results:

Once you have discussed all the points regarding digital marketing, discuss the results that your business will get after applying for digital marketing services. It is always necessary to understand what benefits your business will receive after getting the consultation on digital marketing.

9) Costing:

For the digital marketing service there needs to be a predefined marketing budget for your business to grow digitally. So, it is important to understand how the digital marketer handles the marketing budget of your business. For the same, you need to discuss regarding the question suggested below:

How will they adjust the digital marketing budget across all the online platforms?

Platforms for Spending budgets:

  1. Facebooks ads
  2. Google ads
  3. Linkedin
  4. Blogging

After that, specify your budget according to the marketing budget.

10) ROI:

  • What is the return on investment?
  • What is the percentage of return on the product selling?

These points are most important when you hire digital marketing consultants or services.
If you want to discuss these services, your budget & ROI. Book an appointment with us.

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